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Since the 1960s, the staff has close ties with the Pasifika Community - meeting their demands in taros, green bananas, casava, coconuts and etc. We were the first store to sew White Sunday frocks and funeral cloths under the instructions of the Pasifika Matais.  The Cook Island community relied on us for the headcloth and embroidery cottons for their Tivaevae. We have more personal ties with all the Pasifika Community due to the grapevine news which they tell us to pass on as many of their friends and family are our friends.


We have the great honour and priviledge to be included in all the generations of our Pasifika friends. We hope this connection will never cease.  Our store, due to demand, has evolved over the years with new products. We are excited to show them our latest range.  We felt honoured to have provided the necessary material for the Sinoti Church to wear in Samoa for their Methodist Convention.

We were also so honoured that the Otara Tongan Methodist Church chose our range to create five shirts and matching puletaha for their Methodist Convention in Vava'u. It was a wonderful success, their choice of beautiful vibrant patterns made a huge demand that they generously left on the island.  As a gain, they are a generous and friendly Otara Methodist group we are honoured to know them.  We also appreciate all our smaller groups from Otara to Waitakere to Tokoroa to Hastings to Dunedin to Christchurch to Porirua to Wellington to Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane to Los Angeles.

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